Noba Rey

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Wumar - 12/05/2010 (21:28)   
dear group members this music is perfect

Martin Peck - 3/01/2010 (01:23)Bronx, New York, USA`  
Hello from a cold and cloudy New York City! I am wondering how I could purchase the "Znak" and "The Other Side Of Legends" CDs in the USA please? I tried 8
to use the "Contacts" section on your website but I could not connect to the remote server. One of my favorite songs is in Kabardian: "Adiyukh". Thank you very much!

Adiga Raven - 21/01/2009 (14:44)   
da3"wa deda, Perfect Music
T7am we3"apsaw, Won"t u decide to visit us in syria someday .. we will show u our hospitality ..
Thank you for invitation.It would be interesting to visit Syria.

Vindej - 4/01/2009 (02:12)   
Si qwesh .
That is a very interesting, good work,
And I hope you will be able to develop it to have more of the nice contents.
It"s very interesting for me,
God bless all circassians around the world,
Adigaxer Alihim qikhwme,
ALIHIM werapsow,
Upso,Kwash.This year our third album will be released, to my mind it's more interesting, than previous.

Amjad Jaimoukha - 23/12/2008 (18:14)Amman  
The songs and music of Noba Rey are truly awesome. For someone so fascinated by ancient and traditional Circassian music and also enamoured of the rock legends of the 1970s, Noba Rey provides the perfect combination of the traditional and modern. Your tribute to the great Circassian bard Ziramikw Qardenghwsch" is very touching indeed. The popularization of Circassian classics is what is needed to revive our ancient and rich culture. Rock on Noba Rey!
Thank you,Amjad.

Dmitri - 4/06/2008 (06:58)   
Music is perfect!

Sozrashٍ - 29/05/2008 (10:46)   
I like ur music much
I think u"ll be having a very good future in music business!
Cheers to u all!

hey - 26/10/2007 (00:22)   
there are circassian festivals here..and we already have a circassian rock group..
circassian antalya
you can search about them on google.
hello all adighas

Hawk - 4/10/2007 (21:02)Moscow  
Thanks for the invitation,maybe next year

hey - 29/09/2007 (01:33)   
visit us Turkey circassians we want to listen you very much.

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